The owner, Shawna Rollheiser, has had a passion for baking since she was just a little girl. She loved helping her mom in the kitchen and would always stand on a stool next to her, watching and helping out. The passion for cupcakes grew in her early years of University. She baked cupcakes once a week for friends and classmates. During her senior year of University, majoring in Interior Design, she was given a project in which she had to design a restaurant. Knowing her passion for baking, she thought, "why not design a 'cupcake restaurant'"? And with this project she decided it was time to open a business of her own! She feels that having a degree in Interior Design will help inspire her to create unique cupcakes and displays.

We are here to assist our clients on their special day, transforming their cupcakes into a special centerpiece. We will work with our clients and take into consideration colours, themes, as well as seasons. At A Cupcake A Day we work with each client and discuss specific details to ensure their cupcakes are created with them in mind!